The Nature Of Things – Grasshopper

The other evening, my spouse came in from the backyard and sat down in the dining room. I joined him and engaged in conversation. A few moments passed and suddenly a bug flew from his direction, startling both us. The bug landed on the knob of a nearby server and remained there for our further inspection. “What is it?” asked my husband, “it’s a grasshopper” I replied. I then carefully cupped the insect in my hands and released it outside. Shortly after I returned, my husband noticed that the grasshopper was now on the elbow of my sleeve. I again released it outdoors, this time for good.

OK, nature spirits, I hear you loud and clear. This had to be a message for both of us. So I looked it up and here is what I found.

If Grasshopper has sprung into your life:

grasshopperYou are being asked to take a leap of faith. Just go ahead and do it without knowing the outcome. Usually this is something that you have avoided doing and is often linked to a large scale change in direction. This can be a change in relationship, career or a change in yourself. Know that you have the wisdom that you need to get past any obstacles in an efficient manner. For the most part all possible outcomes will be positive. *

Ironically, we have been seriously considering moving six states south, but are fearful of the risks involved.

*Thanks to

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The Nature of Things – Rat and Hummingbird

I have lived at my current location for over forty years. I have never seen a rat until the other evening while sitting outside. Just ten feet in front of me appeared a rat. It sniffed about, looked up at me for a moment and scurried away. Must be a sign, I thought.

Several days later, I caught site of a hummingbird, flitting from one morning glory to the next. This also was unusual, as I had only seen, perhaps, two or three others in all the time that I have lived here. Another sign?

The information below resonates so intensely that I cannot deny that Spirit speaks to me through nature!

If Rat has scurried across your path:Rat-Black-sm-1024x784

If Rat has scurried across your path you are being asked to assert yourself in new areas that you have not yet explored. Perhaps it’s time to take up those new hobbies, challenge yourself by learning something new or simply taking the uncertain first steps towards your dreams. Rat is letting you know it’s time for “new beginnings” and change.

Alternatively you are being asked to evaluate the clutter around you. Is it time to purge old baggage and feelings that no longer serve you? Time for a spring cleaning. Sell or giveaway all the physical things that are just filling up the space around you. In doing this you will often symbolically begin to clear old emotional issues and cluttered thinking. Allow yourself to feel as you purge. This cleansing act will make space for the new things to come.

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WHEN was the last time you . . .



Received a smile


Received a hug


Were touched


Were kissed

Gave flowers

Received flowers




For no particular reason?


If not today, WHEN?





Be The Medicine

2012 is coming to a close. It is said that time, and the experience of things moving so fast, will slow down for us to live mindfully and work with all of the changes of the past decades as we move forward from here.

Slowing down is key. Allowing assimilation and higher purpose to carry us through this time is helpful for all. Love is still and always the answer. Wherever you focus you create that reality in your life.

Challenges will come in the transition and it is important to remember how we can redirect everything easily. Letting go of fear and hurtful thoughts and perceptions allows a better now and future to unfold. Letting go of right and wrong and proving oneself allows us to be who we are.

No one has to agree with us or fit into our own unique understanding about life, and our life…

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Tired of Feeling Poor?

The worst response when feeling poor is to do the very thing that should prove you’re not: spend money. Sure, that might make the feeling go away for a time. But as soon as you realize you’ve just plunged yourself deeper into debt, you’ll feel even poorer. It’s a vicious cycle that comes to no good end.

I have a better idea. Stop feeling poor in the first place. Here are three surprising steps to follow. And I guarantee that if you do them, you’ll start feeling different.

  1. Commit to a Clean Car. No matter how old, how scratched, how new, how leased or how ugly, if you keep your car sparkling clean inside and out, you won’t feel poor. Remove every coffee cup, every paper, and every item other than the emergency equipment in the trunk every time you leave the car. Wash it weekly. Make sure the windows are always spotless, the tires scrubbed and the chrome shiny. Do this and you’ll feel like a million bucks. Really.
  2. Curb the Clutter. I don’t care how clean your house may be; if you have clutter, it’s pulling you down. It invites chaos, which leads to depression and feelings of deprivation. So, clear your closets, drawers, cupboards, garage, and counters of everything that you don’t need or doesn’t bring beauty to your life (and while you’re at it, sell the stuff on eBay or Craigslist to make some extra cash). Clean, open spaces radiate tranquility and simplicity, chase away feelings of poverty, and open the door to joy.
  3. Tuck a C-Note. A “c-note” is a one-hundred dollar bill. I want you to get one, fold it neatly, and tuck it into a secret place in your wallet. Do not tell anyone about this. Just like *that*, your c-note is going to make you feel prosperous and quite smart. For sure you will not feel broke, because here’s the curious thing: You are not likely to spend it on a whim. In fact, you are not likely to spend it at all. I don’t know why. Perhaps it’s because breaking a hundred-dollar bill is a big deal. You wouldn’t do that for a hamburger and fries. That would be ridiculous, right? But if you get caught in a true emergency, you’re covered. If you can’t do a hundred, start with a five. Soon, trade it for a ten, then a fifty. Before you know it, you’ll have a Benjamin in your pocket, hidden away where only you know.

Feeling poor is not a financial condition. It is a state of mind, and something you can change starting right now.

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The Nature Of Things – Squirrel Medicine

Absorbing Vitamin D

My resident squirrel catching some rays

Lesson for today:

Napping in the brilliance of father sun, is good for the body and spirit. Conserve energy and rest now, to prepare for coming changes of winter.

Squirrel Medicine

“Squirrels teach us balance within the circle of gathering and giving out. If you are doing too much of one or the other, squirrel may appear to help us.”          – Ted Andrew’s, Animal Speak

The Nature of Things – Robins

Where I live, New Jersey, it is not uncommon to see a few robins from Spring until late fall. Today, as I greeted the morning from my back door window, I was gifted with the sight of an entire flock of 20 to 30 robins!  This was an unusual occurrence, something I had never seen before.

Is the Universe giving me a sign? Is the animal kingdom taking back what we have taken, or am I just becoming more aware of the nature of things that have always been there, but I was too blind to see?

Ascension Symptoms

Are Ascension Symptoms Real?

There is a lot of information out there with regard ascension symptoms.  Well, ascension is NOT SOMETHING THAT HAPPENS TO YOU!

Ascension is something you do and there are no negative symptoms to it whatsoever.

There are, however, resistance to awakening symptoms when you decide consciously or subconsciously to begin your spiritual journey. These are due to the fact that your vibration and your bodies (mental, emotional, physical, vibrational) are changing.

The most common of these symptoms, which happens after you achieve a change in vibrational signature, and often happens after Ascension Sessions, or after Ascension Meditations, is a feeling of space out dizziness, nausea after eating toxic foods, sensitive skin, “burning” sensation at the crown chakra, feeling of band around head, and ecstasy. These will pass after a few hours or days and are simply the bodies getting used to the new vibrational level.

Not everyone will get the so called ascension symptom when they start awakening. Some people will.  The symptoms do include depression, cravings, sleeping too much, waking up at 3 am every night, a sense of detachment, and the loosing of friends, family and acquaintances who have been a negative influence in the person’s life, tingling on the crow chakra and also physical feelings or illnesses of the other chakra locations, among other symptoms.

So, the trick here is, DO NOT USE THESE SYMPTOMS TO BECOME AN OBNOXIOUS SO AND SO! Do not use it as an excuse to get fat, lazy, procrastinate about your work, or as an excuse to have affairs… oh yeah, there’s dissatisfaction with present relationships and sex.

Yes. I do like to capitalize strong points.

What YOU CAN DO is meditate, eat healthy food, drink lots of water (energize it first) and push yourself to read uplifting books and information (re-read some of the posts in this site for example), exercise every day, and keep a journal. Sounds too hard?? I said don’t be lazy! Seriously though, it is up to you to lift yourself away from this crap. No one else is going to do it for you. And no matter what you read on other sites that tell you you cannot help it because it is part of EARTH ASCENSION 2012, it is still you and your choice. Anyone who tells you it’s about the Earth and you can’t do anything about it is DIS-EMPOWERING YOU. In other words, he or she is taking your personal power away from you.  And if you read further, he or she will probably sell you a course, book, session, or whatever to help you through “this long and difficult period”.  In other words, it’s the best scam since the psychic who finds a curse, or negative being, on his victim that can only be lifted after payment of $200.

The true ascension symptoms, in other words, the symptoms you will get once you start your ascension process, are:

  • Bliss
  • Ecstasy
  • Happiness
  • Contentment
  • Completeness
  • Creativity
  • Wisdom
  • Humility
  • Heart Centered
  • No judgment
  • Good health
  • Compassion
  • Completion of your Soul Journey
  • Oneness
  • … ok, so you will wake up at around 3am every night still 😛

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