Aura Photo 8-18-2002

I am an empath and clairsentient. I am also a Reiki Master Practitioner and a Universal Life Church Minister.

As a child and young adult I had an uncanny ability to bring about a calming energy when family and/or friends were in conflict with one another. I suspect my empathy and clairsentience were at play in allowing me to sense the true feelings of others and offer insight into possible resolutions to uncomfortable situations. I recall male /high school classmates coming to me for advice on ‘getting the girl’ they had a crush on. They trusted me and knew I would not divulge their secrets. Having fibromyalgia (a chronic pain and fatigue syndrome), since childhood, has also been a catalyst in the development of my spiritual gifts. On a personal quest for healing, I have had many experiences and enlightenment which support the mind, body and Spirit connection.

My spiritual philosophy is:

  •        Everything is energy, vibrating at different levels
  •        We are all connected
  •        There is an afterlife, as well as many other realms in time and space
  •        Duality is essential, for without the dark we could not appreciate the light
  •        There are many paths to ONE SOURCE
  •        Spirit has a sense of humor
  •        We all have free will
  •        There are no coincidences
  •        What we put out we receive (Karma)
  •        There are spiritual beings (angels, guides) that assist us on the earth plain

I believe that it is a prerequisite to minister to all with non-judgment, compassion and unconditional love . . . without questions, doubts and mysteries, there is no change, and without change, there is no spiritual growth.

I was Divinely guided to create a deck of COLOR CARDS® which assist me (through the power of color vibration) in delivering Divine insights and guidance, as well as messages from Spirit.

I integrate COLOR CARD® readings, REIKI and spiritual counseling in my service to others.

I am available for phone and Skype readings and distant Reiki healing, by request.


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